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Best Aligners Clinic in Guntur

Advanced Aligner Treatment

As the Best Aligners Clinic in Guntur, we help you to restore perfect smiles to all our patients and improve their overall quality of life by correcting problems like lisping, food lodgment, rotated/bent teeth, etc. Varahi Dental Care has an advanced clinical setup to provide successful and effective aligner treatment to all patients.

What Are Dental Aligners?

Dental aligners, also known as clear or invisible braces, are a set of special customized dental trays that are used to treat dental misalignment. As they are clear and are only attached to the teeth, they are more comfortable and aesthetic in nature as compared to other braces.

Aligners are also much better at providing more precise dental movement and help in achieving an almost perfect smile. Aligners are removable sets of trays and thus rely heavily on patient compliance for their success.

Moreover, if the patient gets dental caries during the treatment or is not compliant with the required aligner time, then it can lead to disruption of the entire treatment and may even require the fabrication of new trays.

Each tray is unique to a particular step in the patient’s journey and cannot be reused ever again.

Why Choose Us

Best Dental Aligners

Varahi Dental Care is the Best Aligners Clinic in Guntur and equipped with the latest dental advancements to ensure the success and effectiveness of the treatment. In Varahi Dental Care is, we use to obtain digital dental models that are then used to fabricate the aligner trays.

Moreover, we are collaborating with the Best Dental Implants in Guntur to ensure that the clear braces formed are high quality and fit the patient well.

Additionally, Our Dental Aligners in Guntur had a lot of experience and expertise in performing flawless and long-term dental aligner treatment. To know more, book an appointment with us to consult the best dental aligners near you.

Best Aligners Clinic in Guntur
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